Go away Romeo manhwa chapter 4

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Go away Romeo manhwa chapter 4

Do you enjoy Go Away Romeo? the manga? If so, you’ll be happy to learn that three new episodes are now accessible on the WEBTOON app.


Are you a lover of Romeo and Juliet, the famous Shakespearean romance? If yes, you should read the most recent Manhwa, Go Away Romeo, which presents a novel interpretation of the well-known story. The creative team at Paintword created the comic, which has been approved for Webtoon Originals.

Rosaline in this adaptation of the tale feels that she and Romeo are destined to be together, but a shocking tragedy comes when he passes away the same day as her cousin Juliet. Rosaline discovers that she still remembers Romeo as having a son. Rosaline’s fond memories of Romeo, however, are shattered when she finds out about his betrayal. She has just her son left to love and guard, and the last thing she wants is for Romeo to go back to Verona and steal everything she values.

New Episodes Available on WEBTOON App

Three new episodes are now available on the WEBTOON app, which will delight you! Released on January 11, 2023, Episode 3, Episode 2, and Episode 1 have accumulated a total of 37,064, 36,845 and 38,192 likes, respectively. The series currently has 245,915 subscribers and a stellar 9.49 rating with 941,113 total views. Catch fresh episodes every Wednesday to stay up to date on the latest information.

Download the WEBTOON app from the App Store or Google Play by scanning the QR code provided to gain access to these episodes. You’ll get access to all Go Away Romeo episodes as well as a variety of other fascinating manhwa series once you’ve downloaded them. Don’t put it off any longer; download the app now to watch Go Away Romeo’s most recent episodes.

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