Gold coast girl a chicago based fashion lifestyle guide

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Ashley Rebecca started the Chicago-based fashion and leisure blog. The site discusses subjects including fashion, beauty, gastronomy, travel, and home furnishings.

Magazines including “Redbook,” “Real Simple,” “Chicago magazine,” and “The Huffington Post” have all covered The Gold Coast Girl.

According to “Chicago magazine,” Ashley Rebecca was one of Chicago’s “30 Under 30” in 2013.

a Chicago-based fashion and lifestyle blog called Gold Coast Girl

A fashion and lifestyle blog with a Chicago base is called The Gold Coast Girl. The website, which was founded and is edited in chief by Lauren Pearsall, focuses on the Chicago area and includes fashion, beauty, food, travel, and lifestyle issues.

Chicago Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Sun-Times, The Daily Herald, WGN-TV, NBC5 Chicago, ABC7 Chicago, and other publications have all highlighted The Gold Coast Girl.

A Summary of My Fashion and Lifestyle

Many girls enjoy doing their shopping online and at boutiques. I’m a young woman who enjoys looking at the newest trends in fashion. I don’t typically spend my free time at Macy’s or Nordstrom. I can’t afford to have a large wardrobe. My time would be better spent working on my blog Gold Coast Girl or oton her more productive tasks. I share the most recent trends, my discoveries, and my search criteria. I love learning new things and sharing them with others. I sincerely hope you like reading.

A Chicago-based fashion and lifestyle magazine called Gold Coast Girl

focuses on empowering, educating, and encouraging women to feel and look their best. I want to help you build a wardrobe you enjoy and feel confident in through style advice, outfit suggestions, and useful product recommendations. I also contribute lifestyle material like travel advice and food recipes.

I was up in the Chicago suburbs and have always had a passion for fashion. I started my own blog to share my knowledge and encourage others after working for a luxury retailer and obtaining some experience in the field.

Since its debut in 2016, Gold Coast Girl has quickly risen to the top of Chicago’s fashion and lifestyle blogs. Publications like Chicago Magazine, Chicago Tribune, and Red Tricycle have all featured me.

I want to make women feel attractive on the inside and out. We appreciate your visit to Gold Coast Girl!

Instagram: Gold Coast Girl

A fashion and lifestyle blog with a Chicago base is called The Gold Coast Girl. Alyssa Fiorentino, the blog’s founder and editor-in-chief, launched it in the beginning of 2013, and since then, women of all ages have come to rely on it as a source of fashion and lifestyle inspiration.

No matter their financial situation, Alyssa wants to make her readers feel stylish and confident. She discusses her own personal style journey as well as suggestions on where to locate the best sales and fashion and lifestyle advice.

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Publications including Chicago Woman, Huffington Post, and Daily Candy have featured The Gold Coast Girl.

Stylish Clothes 2021

Hello, everybody! Welcome to Trendy Outfits 2021, my blog! Sydney here, a Chicago-based fashionista by name. I’ll be posting my most recent fashion advise, outfit suggestions, and cosmetics suggestions on my blog. I wish you enjoyment!

Mens Summer Fashion 2021

Lightweight fabrics like linen and cotton, natural hues and designs, and adaptable accessories that may be dressed up or down are the important items for summer 2021 men’s fashion. Here are a few of the season’s top trends:

  1. Cotton and linen are breathable and lightweight fabrics that are ideal for hot weather. Particularly when compared to other fabrics, linen has a natural feel and gloss.
  2. Natural hues and prints: Due to their versatility with other items, earthy tones and prints are popular in summer clothing.
  3. Accessorize. A versatile accessory can dress up or down a simple ensemble, making it appropriate for any occasion. Focus on multipurpose accessories for summer, such a as scarf or bandanna that can be knotted in many ways around the neck or head.

Following are some wardrobe suggestions for the summer of 2021 using these essential pieces:

  1. Natural color and print lightweight linen shirts may be dressed up or down with various accessories.
  2. You may dress up or down a cotton T-shirt by choosing one in a natural color.

The Top 9 Chicago Beauty & Fashion Bloggers to Follow

Chicago’s beauty and fashion industries are constantly expanding and evolving. There are several Chicago-based beauty influencers, many of whom have a large following on the national and even international levels. Here are nine beauty and fashion influencers to add to your list, whether you’re seeking to add a little more Chicago to your life or you’re looking to Chicago fashion as a starting point for your own fashion adventure.

Michelle Thames | Happily Ever Natural

The Happily Ever Natural brand is undoubtedly more about beauty and fashion, especially for women who want to give themselves a natural life to follow. Michelle Thames is a self-branded social media expert, and while social media management is her primary area of expertise, the Happily Ever Natural brand is undoubtedly more about beauty and fashion. Follow Michelle for excellent daily fashions you won’t find anywhere else as well as social media management advice.

Heidi Daoud | Wishes & Reality

Heidi Daoud has been able to reach over 75,000 Instagram followers by promoting the best offers from retailers including Amazon, Target, Walmart, and more. She frequently flaunts affordable ensembles that are also ones that you can purchase. Regardless of your budget, you can follow Heidi to receive daily wear ensembles in your feed at a price you can afford.

JP Thomas | JZPThomas

The slogan used by JP of JZPThomas is “Where Fashion Meets Fitness.” She works to instill in other ladies the idea that fitness and fashion are equally important. On JP’s Instagram, you can see pictures of her working out, posing in her favorite activewear, and accessorizing beautifully.

Samantha Kramer | Gold Coast Girl

Samantha Kramer definitely covers all the bases for a great fashion blogger with her posts on motherhood, fashion, lifestyle, and food. Follow Gold Coast Girl to make sure it appears in your Instagram feed whether you’re looking for a particular at-home meal or you want some motherly trends to give you some style inspiration.

Caitlin Jecklin & Danielle Sommerfeld

Being best friends is unquestionably ingrained in the DNA of this wildly successful site, Once Upon a Dollhouse, which boldly refers to itself as “The Original Best Friend Blog.” From their blog to their Instagram to their hugely popular podcast, these two do everything together. Follow these two on their joint Instagram account to see how they travel and get style ideas from the self-described “Mom + Hot Aunt.”

Kelly Larkin | Kelly in the City

Kelly Larkin was born and raised in Connecticut; she then relocated to New York City in 2006 before moving to Chicago in 2014, where they eventually found their “forever home.” She currently chronicles every aspect of her life with her 100,000+ Instagram followers, from dinner dates with her husband to major events in the lives of her two girls to their continuing home renovations in Lincoln Park. Follow to add a little warmth to your Instagram feed.

Jess Keys | The Golden Girl

The purpose of Jess Keys’ online presence is to create a network for women who want to feel strong and stylish every day. As “meant for real life,” Jess’s style blogs feature options that are reasonably priced, adaptable, and timeless enough not to go out of style as soon as you buy them. You can always count on Jess to write topics that are relatable and doable.

Jennifer Worman

Content development is Jennifer Worman’s full-time profession, so you can be sure she puts her all into it. Her website and Instagram account both reflect that she describes her own brand as being a “fashion, travel, interior, cuisine, and wine enthusiast.” You may access some of her most popular posts on Instagram and her site, which are dupes, which are inexpensive replicas of expensive things.


Helen Berkun is a designer who uses her design brand, BERKUNSTYLES, to display a carefully chosen mixture of timeless pieces and contemporary influences. On her personal Instagram account, she blogs about Chicago fashion every day, which has made her considerably more well-known. If you want to see her daily Chicago life in your Instagram feed, follow her.

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