What is Dossier Perfume

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What is Dossier Perfume

A perfume dossier is often referred to as a report or paper that offers comprehensive details about a certain fragrance. Among other things, this information may cover the fragrance’s target market, longevity, and components.

A perfume house or brand may make a perfume dossier to enlighten clients, retailers, or journalists about their smells. To keep track of the various formulations and variants of a specific scent, perfumers and fragrance developers can use it as a reference.

Certain perfume dossiers may also contain details on the source of the fragrance’s inspiration, the development process, and the marketing plan for the item.

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A perfume dossier is, in general, a thorough document that offers a thorough and in-depth look into a certain fragrance.

who is the founder of Dossier Perfume

Stephanie Hettel and Jeremy Smit established the fragrance company Dossier Perfume in 2018. Jeremy Smit is a former executive in the fragrance industry who worked for firms like Estee Lauder and L’Oreal, while Stephanie Hettel is a former executive in the advertising sector who worked for companies like L’Oreal and Maybelline.

Together, they established Dossier Perfume with the objective of producing premium scents at competitive prices. The company sells a number of fragrances that are modeled after well-known designers and specialty scents but cost much less.

Due to its reasonably priced yet high-quality scents, Dossier Perfume has grown in popularity and has been highlighted in publications like Forbes, Cosmopolitan, and InStyle.

Why is Dossier so cheap?

Dossier Perfume is a direct-to-consumer business approach to avoid the intermediary and provide high-quality scents at a reasonable price. Dossier Perfume sells directly to consumers through their website, in contrast to conventional fragrance manufacturers, who normally sell their products through department shops or specialty merchants.

The dossier is able to sell its fragrances for less since they avoid the conventional retail distribution channels. To further cut expenses, the company emphasizes the use of premium products and straightforward packaging.

Dossier also uses a novel method for developing perfumes by drawing inspiration from well-known designers and niche scents rather than imitating them exactly. As a result, the company is able to produce distinctive, high-quality perfumes that are comparable to more expensive options yet are available at more affordable pricing points.

Dossier Perfume is able to provide high-quality perfumes at a lower price point than many conventional fragrance businesses thanks to their business strategy and method of fragrance development.

How long does Dossier smell last?

Many variables, including the fragrance’s exact note, a person’s skin chemistry, and the setting in which it is worn, can affect how long a fragrance lasts. Having said that, Dossier Perfume perfumes are widely praised for their long-lasting qualities, with many customers claiming that the aromas linger on their skin for several hours.

Several scents from the Dossier line are available in Eau de parfum form, which often has a stronger fragrance oil concentration than eau de toilette or other lighter formulations. Higher oil concentrations in fragrances typically lead to enhanced projection and longevity.

Applying a fragrance on pulse points, such as the wrists and neck, can help it stay as long as possible. Avoid pressing your skin together after applying a fragrance, as this can break down the scent and shorten its longevity.

Dossier Perfume fragrances are generally said to have good longevity and be long-lasting on the skin, while the lifetime can vary depending on the particular scent and individual variables.

Pros and Cons of using dossier perfume


  • Affordable: Dossier Perfume offers high-quality fragrances at a more affordable price point than many traditional fragrance brands.
  • Unique scents: Dossier Perfume creates unique fragrances that are inspired by popular designers and niche fragrances, rather than copying them directly.
  • Good longevity: Many Dossier Perfume fragrances have good longevity, lasting for several hours on the skin.
  • Direct-to-consumer model: Dossier Perfume sells directly to consumers through its website, which allows them to offer its fragrances at a lower price point than many traditional fragrance brands.


  • Limited selection: Dossier Perfume has a smaller selection of fragrances than many traditional fragrance brands, which may be a disadvantage for those looking for a wider variety of options.
  • No physical testing: Since Dossier Perfume primarily sells its fragrances online, customers may not have the opportunity to test the fragrances before purchasing them. This can be a disadvantage for those who prefer to sample fragrances before buying.
  • No luxury packaging: Dossier Perfume uses simple, minimalist packaging for its fragrances, which may be a disadvantage for those who prefer luxury packaging.

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